Lynne Frederick Tribute

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This is a tribute to the actress Lynne Frederick. I decided to start this site after having difficulty finding much information, or photos of Lynne on the Internet. The little I did find was unfairly negative. So I wanted to restore some balance with the emphasis on the earlier part of her life. In my opinion Lynne was a very lovely and talented actress who deserves to be remembered and celebrated. This tribute is my small contribution to maintaining a positive memory of her on the net, and creating a small resource of material Iíve collected, scanned and created myself for any body that is interested to view. You will find photos, film clips and magazine articles about Lynne from my growing collection, which I am adding to constantly. So keep checking back as I gradually add new material.

For people who know any thing about her, she is probably most remembered for being the last wife of Peter Sellers. I remember Lynne most when she was a beautiful, young working actress with a promising career ahead of her. I enjoy watching her film and TV performances, and feel sad that her career was so short. Whatever kind of production she appeared in, her natural talent was obvious and the performances were always excellent.

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